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    Anonymous - Burbank, CA
  • "My bike runs great now that Suzuki of Van Nuys repaired the incorrect work that was done at other motocycle repair shops. "

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    Mark Pratt - Fillmore, CA
  • Overall Rating:
    Chris Navidad - 5540 Bonner Ave North Hollywood, CA
  • "These 5 Stars ratings were from me buying a motorcycle from Suzuki of Van Nuys. I have bought over 50 motorcycles and scooters from Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki/BMW because I trusted the dealership.
    I know that Suzuki of Van Nuys is under new management so my expectation is to maintain customer service and customer loyalty.
    The worst motorcycle dealerships for sales and service are the "Motorcycle Mega Malls" by personal experience! I received better service from Suzuki of Van Nuys having to write out service to motorcycles without a computer versus "Motorcycle Mega Malls" so I'm basically saying as long as the quality of sales and service is at it's best.
    Interesting factor Suzuki of Van Nuys almost always had parts in stock or it was ordered ASAP.
    They did an excellent job of preparing the Burgman 400. Small details like having the two mirrors aligned perfectly. A person on the forum has problems with his 2018 Burgman 400 wobbling when a top box is installed. My Givi Top Box is over 10L larger with no wobble.
    It is my hope that the team at Suzuki of Van Nuys is willing to take credit for GREAT WORK ACCOMPLISHED. Suzuki of Van Nuys already has the edge in reliability by selling Suzukis.
    Meanwhile, I am very happy with the way Suzuki of Van Nuys prepped my Burgman 400 including a full tank of gas. Another point for 'Customer Satisfaction'!

    Overall Rating:
    Richard Hata - Los Angeles, CA
  • "It is really nice to come into a shop and have the personal touch. The service on my bike has been excellent, from standard maintenance to special parts installed. They have always had the parts I needed. When I enquire about special parts for my bike, they have taken extra time to research them for me. I have always had a good experience at this shop"

    Overall Rating:
    Steve Lampke - Granada Hills, CA
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